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At CIIC, we are committed not only to ensuring the world has a secure supply of radioisotopes for diagnostic procedures, but advancing the nuclear medicine industry. We envisioned a reliable supply of medical isotopes free of dangerous uranium and harmful radioactive waste, one that radio-pharmacists and physicians could rely upon to protect the health of their patients each and every day, and we had the expertise to realize that vision. Offering that solution to the medical isotope industry’s challenges required us to transcend its established methods and assumptions. It required a leading perspective. For direct access to that leading perspective and a look at the knowledge and thinking that drives innovation at CIIC, read on below and check back regularly for new content.

Processing and Evaluation of Linear Accelerator-Produced Mo99-Tc99m

We are developing electron linear accelerator 100Mo(γ,n)99Mo technology as a replacement to nuclear reactor 235U(n,f)99Mo production. We report irradiation of natural molybdenum disks (25MeV, 10kW) and 100Mo-enriched disks (35MeV, 2kW), their dissolution and the extraction of 99mTc-pertechnetate. ... Read More