A world-class solution to a world-wide problem

At CIIC, we have developed a world-class solution to supply key radioisotopes, producing two products that are ideally suited to electron linear accelerator production:

Cu-67, a therapeutic isotope in emerging drugs used for cancer treatments, and

Mo-99/Tc-99m required by nuclear medicine physicians for early stage diagnosis of disease (such as cancer & cardiovascular disease).

We use an advanced method of producing and distributing key medical isotopes. Our method is the first commercially viable alternative to conventional reactor-based production.


Our product is clean and sustainable, presenting fewer environmental issues.


We are able to reliably supply radio-pharmacies across North America due to our streamlined supply chain and dependable production facilities


Our process produces a pure, high quality product that ensures patient receive an effective, safe dose.

One in two people will require Tc-99m for a test that determines whether he or she has an ailment.