Dr. Mark de Jong awarded ‘Alumni of the Year’

March 3, 2016

We are very excited to announce that our talented Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Mark de Jong, has been awarded the prestigious Alumni of the Year award in Physics and Astronomy from his alma mater, the University of Manitoba.

Dr. de Jong has been a driving force behind CIIC since its inception. Prior to his position with us, Dr. de Jong headed up the Canadian Light Source Medical Isotope Project, which developed pilot facilities for the production of Molybdenum-99. Over the past three decades, Dr. de Jong has worked on many high-profile projects that have greatly shaped the world of particle accelerators. CIIC is very lucky to have such a great mind adding to our team.

This award represents Dr. de Jong’s work with accelerator physics over his 11-year education, and a lifetime commitment to innovation in his field.

“He was the driving force behind world-class research facility Canadian Light Source’s novel approach to tackling a global shortage of medical isotopes – due to the impending shut down of aging nuclear reactors around the world – with a safe, uranium-free method. Now de Jong is helping drive Canadian Isotope Innovations Corp. in commercializing those isotopes.”

Click here for a link to the University of Manitoba interview.