Vijay Gaja, Operations Manager of Canadian Isotope Innovations.

Vijay Gaja

Operations Manager

Dr. Vijay Gaja leads all operational aspects of CIIC product development and production. Utilizing his extensive knowledge of radiochemistry and various radionuclide production platforms, Vijay has developed and optimized the processing, separations and purification of radiopharmaceuticals including Mo-99/Tc-99m and Cu-67. He manages automation and optimization of all aspects of production, including manufacturing and quality control.

Vijay holds a MSc and PhD in radiochemistry and molecular imaging from the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU) Spain. He did post-doctoral training in radiochemistry at The Ohio State University and the University of Saskatchewan. Prior to CIIC, he worked at the Canadian light Source in support of the Medical Isotope Project. He has extensive experience in PET radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotope production.