Protecting Health: a pure and reliable solution for the radiopharmaceutical industry.

The reliable supply of medical isotopes is an absolute necessity for diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. At Canadian Isotope Innovations Corp. (CIIC), we provide safe, pure isotopes to the medical community, which provides physicians with the tools they need to keep people healthy. Additionally, we do so in a safe, environmentally friendly matter.

Using its unique linear accelerator technology, CIIC provides a reliable solution to the supply challenges facing the radiopharmaceutical industry.  With dependable production of pure medical isotopes, we eliminate the potential for supply shortages of crucial medical isotopes produced from outdated nuclear facilities.

CIIC is here to provide real solutions to a potential medical crisis.  We provide supply solutions to the radiopharmaceutical industry that ensures the medical community has the diagnostic and therapeutic tools they need.  It’s what is important to us: protecting health while not threatening the environment.

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Protecting Health: Reliable, high quality medical isotopes. Safely supplying the  radiopharmaceutical industry.


Our team is focused on addressing the challenges facing the radiopharmaceutical industry through our commitment to innovation.


  • Cu-67 for cancer treatment with radioimmunotherapy, and
  • Mo-99 / Tc-99m for diagnostic imaging.

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